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Woodwalton Bahadur

Bernwode Brokat so impressed the Stud that as well as using him as a stallion in 2003 (see Saffron of Woodwalton), the stud has purchased his son from Hill Cottage Farm Stud.  The little colt has been named Woodwalton Bahadur and is known as Bart.  Bahadur is Ghurkha for 'brave'.  As can be seen in the pictures, at 3 hours old Bart was already showing his father's 'look at me' attitude.  Bart arrived at the stud on weaning on 14th November 2003. 


Sep 04 update:  Bart and the other yearling colt, Scooby, are living out with the broodmares and Bart's half brother (the 2004 Bernwode Brokat colt, Woodwalton Bhaltair).  See pictures at bottom of page.


Bart on arrival at Woodwalton Stud 14 Nov 03 (5 months old)

Bernwode Brokat
Woodwalton Bahadur
Rosevean Merry Mountain
Southwark Cameo
Woodhill Stella

Left:  Bart on arrival at Woodwalton

(5 months old)


Right: Four hours old


Below left:  Aril 2004


Below centre: Bart with surrogate Mum, Woodwalton Fleurduc - 15 Jan 04

Top left & right - May 04


Below, bottom centre, left & right - September 04