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Livery Facilities Costs

Woodwalton Stud & Training Centre offers Full, Part, Training (including backing and re-schooling horses and ponies) and Holiday Livery - this is available on a 'pick and mix' basis by taking the basic livery charge and adding the extras required.  The Centre has a flexible approach and is happy to take horses on holiday livery for part weeks on a daily rate basis (which is the Basic Livery charge divided by 7). 


DIY livery is sometimes available.

Facilities include:

l   60x20m floodlit outdoor arena with rubber surface

l   Show jumps

l   Horse walker with rubber floor

l   Internal or external stables with rubber matting

l   Turn out in compatible groups

l   Acres of off-road hacking and gallops

l   Resident Trainer


Basic Livery is 87.50 per week, including:

l   Stable and bedding (most stables have rubber mats with shavings

l   Hay and hard feed

l   Lengthy turn out in compatible groups

l   All Stable Duties ie mucking out, turn out & fetch in and feeding

l   Time on Horse Walker (if required)

l   Shared use of arena (10 per hour charge for private use or if an outside trainer is brought in)

Extras are:

l   20 minute lunge (with side reins) by staff:

l   1 hour hack by staff:

l   20 minute thorough groom:

l   Arena exercise by staff (40 mins):

l   Schooling exercise by Bev (40 mins):

l   Lessons with Bev (45 minutes):